Beautifully intricate and incredibly complex, the cannabis plant is about much more than THC and CBD. There are more than 150 cannabinoids, and we’ve barely begun to understand the practical applications of this spectrum of compounds fully.

Amphibian powers a deeper exploration into this versatile gift of nature through an all-new approach to hemp extraction.

What isAmphibian Tech?

Amphibian provides critical, innovative solutions to domestic and international farmers. We’ve developed cutting-edge, in-field hemp extraction technology that minimizes risk and saves money pursuing an optimized raw, crude oil.

The Amphibian Tech Value

We solve problems—whether that’s related to the science of extraction or the logistics involved in the extraction process.


Amphibian champions sustainable whole-plant science. By getting to the root of what makes the cannabis plant unique, we help farmers and cultivators realize the true potential of their crop.

Fully Mobile

Amphibian hemp extraction equipment is a fully mobile, cost-effective innovation that sets us apart in the industry. Growers would typically have to trek hundreds or even thousands of miles to the nearest hemp extraction facility, but Amphibian’s pioneering mobility adapts to your needs—helping you bypass the high cost of fuel, as well as the ever-volatile trucking industry.

High-Volume Processing

Amphibian hemp extraction equipment can process hundreds of thousands of pounds of hemp, solving the bottleneck issues plaguing farmers and businesses. We simplify every step of the process. And we can do it under ten hours, turning your crop into usable drums of oil.


Amphibian also practices complete sustainability. Our equipment features zero emissions and is entirely carbon-neutral. Utilizing our hemp extraction services will generate EPA carbon credits, but it goes so much further than that.

Philanthropic Opportunities

With Amphibian Tech, farmers can use the byproducts from the extraction process for various applications, potentially even using them for manufacturing soft goods. This provides an opportunity for a genuinely philanthropic angle of hemp extraction, as creating hemp socks—for example—could go a long way in protecting the homeless population.

Leave The Planet Better ThanYou Found It

That sums up our core value. Amphibian Tech was founded on the belief that we all have a responsibility to effect change in ways that numerous populations can experience for generations onward. Our passions start with being good stewards of the earth—while solving a few logistical problems along the way. By developing this zero emissions, carbon-neutral, mobile extraction technology, we provide farmers with a cost-effective alternative to traditional hemp extraction.