Amphibian Tech launched on the premise that there's a better way to extract hemp—but more than that, there's a better way to do things in general.

We were founded by a team that believes in the power of individuals to affect real change in the world.

Not through well-meaning yet ineffective platitudes but through hard work and consistent action. The problems in the hemp farming industry–and the world–aren’t solved by sitting around hoping for a resolution.

Taking action is what Amphibian Tech is all about.

Our mobile hemp extraction technology addresses many of the hemp industry’s primary concerns. These portable units cut transportation time, promote sustainability, eliminate waste, and accelerate speed to market.

Hemp farming, cultivation, and extraction are riding the wave of a newly minted core belief that cannabis isn’t the evil we once thought. However, there’s a real danger that hemp might be left behind in the mad rush to capitalize on THC.

At Amphibian Tech, we hold the whole cannabis plant in high regard and see its potential.