Amphibians are diverse(to put it lightly).

Over more than 300 million years, these pioneers of adaptability have evolved into thousands of different species, thriving in both wet and dry ecosystems.

Amphibian Tech represents the next evolution in hemp extraction equipment, manufacturing a diverse line of mobile extraction units for wet and dry hemp extraction. 

But we’re not all nuts and bolts. Amphibian Tech merges the natural world with advanced technology, nurturing the hemp industry’s earthy roots while establishing a feat of engineering in the field.

We’re rewriting the rulebook—not merely in the realm of hemp extraction but also the larger world of manufacturing and farming.

Many industries are deeply entrenched in the way things have always been done, with certain corporations making cost-cutting decisions simply to enrich themselves. But unfortunately, that corporate model only works for a select few, leaving workers—the heart and soul of any industry—in the dust.

We’re tired of the way things have always been done.

There are many opportunitiesto improve hemp processing.

Much of the hemp in this country is grown by small farmers.
These independent growers have devoted their lives to developing efficient field techniques for growing, cultivating, and harvesting hemp.

But in recent years, hemp has been overshadowed by THC in the cannabis industry. As a result, hemp producers have suffered financially, while the plant doesn’t get a chance to realize its commercial potential in clothing, textiles, healthcare, and more.

We want to run things in a way that makes growing hemp viable for everyone along the supply chain.

Amphibian Tech’s mobile hemp extraction equipment promises a leap forward in the industry. With both wet and dry extraction capabilities and the ability to go mobile, our machinery cuts cost for small farmers and gives them the power to adapt to the changing cannabis landscape.

Amphibian can process up to 1,000 pounds per run in the field without requiring curing or drying. Moreover, compared to ethanol, it won’t destroy the precious full-spectrum components of your oil. As a result, we can reduce your labor costs and eliminate storage challenges freeing you up for time with the family or more significant business initiatives.

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