Problems require solutions—and let's face it, there are countless problems with most of today’s hemp extraction options.

Hemp farmers go to great lengths to process their products, burning through dollars and destroying profit margins in the process. Trucking expenses are at an all-time high, and proper storage facilities are not exactly cheap either.

With these obstacles blocking the path, success in hemp might seem like a fantasy.

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Amphibian Tech

  • Cuts transportation costs
  • Cuts storage costs
  • Cuts labor costs

Rather than having to hang and dry hemp indoors, taking up transportation and manpower costs, as well as space and time (average of 4-6 weeks), Amphibian transports its extraction machinery directly to the field to extract up to 100 acres a day of wet biomass cut straight from the field. This eliminates the need for drying and transporting the hemp biomass.


  • Wet biomass - eliminates drying
  • Eliminates risk of mold/contaminants
  • Extraction in the field or local station
  • 100-acre per day capacity
  • Safe process due to self-extinguishing solvents
  • Quick cycle times, efficient process
  • Requires labor, space, time & energy for drying
  • High risk of mold and/or contamination
  • Requires bulk transportation of biomass
  • Limited daily extraction capacity
  • High safety risk due to flammable solvents
  • Logistical challenges throughout the process

Amphibian Tech does more than manage pain points—we solve them with our services.

Adaptability in the field is often the difference between success and failure. Amphibian Tech offers wet and dry extraction services that can process up to 10,000 pounds per run in the field without curing or drying. Our mobile units meet growers on their terms and adapt to their immediate needs—wet or dry hemp extraction.