Hemp is a compelling cultivar with a versatile collection of benefits for mind, body, and industry. And just like the diversity within hemp itself, there are two distinct states in which hemp can be extracted—assuming you have the right equipment.

Amphibian Tech’s large-scale mobile extraction solutions have wet and dry capabilities so that you can extract hemp based on your specific needs. 

What's the Difference Between Wet and Dry Hemp Extraction?

Wet hemp extraction allows you to bypass the drying process and harvest the plant at its peak.

Dry hemp extraction typically sees farmers taking a more costly and time-consuming approach rather than opting for the immediacy of wet extraction.

Both styles have advantages and disadvantages.

Wet Hemp Extraction

At the moment of harvest, hemp still holds a lot of the moisture that nourished it through its growth cycle. A waterlogged cannabis plant results in wet hemp. Wet extraction involves bypassing the drying process and capturing hemp at its peak. This method maximizes terpene levels, ensures rich trichomes, and protects the aromatics in the hemp biomass.

Dry Hemp Extraction

Traditional dry hemp extraction is expensive and riddled with a bottleneck problem. Cultivators wait about two weeks to extract dry hemp after drying. Trichomes stabilize while dry, making them less sticky and easier to handle. Still, this method tends to result in less cannabinoid potency, so many farmers prefer wet extraction.

There are many opportunitiesto improve hemp processing.

Much of the hemp in this country is grown by small farmers.
These independent growers have devoted their lives to developing efficient field techniques for growing, cultivating, and harvesting hemp.

But in recent years, hemp has been overshadowed by THC in the cannabis industry. As a result, hemp producers have suffered financially, while the plant doesn’t get a chance to realize its commercial potential in clothing, textiles, healthcare, and more.

We want to run things in a way that makes growing hemp viable for everyone along the supply chain.

Amphibian Tech’s mobile hemp extraction equipment promises a leap forward in the industry. With both wet and dry extraction capabilities and the ability to go mobile, our machinery cuts cost for small farmers and gives them the power to adapt to the changing cannabis landscape.

Amphibian Tech Thrives in Wet and Dry

Adaptability in the field is often the difference between success and failure. Amphibian Tech offers both wet and dry extraction services that can process up to 10,000 pounds per run in the field without curing or drying. Our mobile units meet growers on their terms and adapt to their immediate needs—whether that’s wet or dry hemp extraction.